Canned Air #140 Wizard World Columbus 2016!

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 We are posting early this week to bring you our coverage of the 2016 Wizard World Columbus Comic Con! 
    First, we take a walk down Artist Alley and talk with Joseph Cillo Jr. of the comic series ‘Blind Prophet’, Victor Dandridge of ‘Vantage: Inhouse Productions’ and ‘The Hall Of Justice Podcast’, and Richard Rivera of Wild Bull and Chipper and Think Alike Productions.
    We also had the chance to get a couple one-on-one interviews with Nicholas Brendon (Buffy) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules). We got some pretty good questions answered by these guys and had fun doing so. Get in here, you Buffy and Hercules fans!
    Our weekend concluded with the Pink Ranger/ Amy Jo Johnson panel. Amy answers questions from fans while telling all about her life as, and after, the Pink Ranger. A must if you love MMPR!
    Our coverage ends with audio from the Wizard World ‘Heroes Honoring Heroes’ ceremony.  Wizard World CEO John Matta and COO Randy Malinoff, along with some of Wizard World’s celebrity guests, honor Airmen from Wright-Patt Air Force Base. 
    You can view the video coverage of everything in this episode on our YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out!
    We hope you enjoy our coverage and would love to hear about all of your experiences at the con! Find us on Twitter @CannedAirPod and Instagram @Canned_Air.


Check out this episode!


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